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The Course

 The following modules are an in-depth introduction to the voiceover industry and will give you the tools, tips, techniques to climb your way up to a successful career voice-over work and acting.

  • 1x course module (1x 1.5hr session) - £110

  • 3x course module (3x 1.5hr sessions + 30min touch base session)- £300



Module 1 - All about the Voice 

  • All about you – Where to start? - A.D.S.E test

  • Voice reels - What are reels? How many do I need?  What styles are there? 

  • Voice description - The natural read vs. The character read

  • Voicing tips and tricks - Getting behind the mic 

  • Direction - What to expect and how to prepare for direction

  • Key voiceover terminology - Extensive list of terms 

  • Best practises for voicing - Positions and warm-ups for voice work

Module 2 - Studio Basics

  • Home studio set up - Sound treatment, sound quality and where to set up 

  • Equipment check-list - What you’ll need to get started 

  • Settings and software - Audio settings for recording and software 

  • Editing - How to edit your audio, tips and tricks 

  • Sending and saving audio - File types

  • Directed sessions know-how - What is it and what to expect

Module 3 - Let’s get down to Business 

  • Branding yourself - Let’s unlock your USP

  • Marketing yourself – Website / SEO basics / Direct email marketing 

  • Social media for voiceover (LinkedIn!) 

  • Fees - What should you be charging, psychology of quoting 

  • Invoicing - All you need to know to invoice clients 

  • Your client contact book- CRM

  • Online casting (Pay to play sites) - Which to invest in, which to avoid!

  • Agents/representation - Do you need an agent? How to get one? 

  • Contracts/NDAs/Equity - Types of contracts and understanding NDAs

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