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The Direct Hour 

This hour of training will introduce you to the world of voice-over and is targeted to artists who want their questions answered quickly and straight to the point. I would recommend this product to those who want a snapshot into the world of voice-over, interested in completing the ‘Up The Ladder’ course or for semi- experienced artists who just want to brush up their VO knowledge and technique.

  • 1x course training (1x 1hr session) - £65



The Direct Hour breakdown:
30 minute introduction:

  • All about you – Where to start? 

  • Voice reels - What are reels? How many do I need?  What styles are there? 

  • Your Home studio setup surgery - Sound treatment, sound quality of your current setup 

  • Branding yourself - Unlocking your USP

  • How do I get clients?

30 minute Q+A:

  • Have all your questions answered in the remaining 30 minutes

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